Monday, December 14, 2015

The Best Youtubers in Cape Town

It never ceases to amaze me how many talented creatives there are in Cape Town. And in my opinion, there's no richer medium that Youtube! So I thought it would be apt to pop together a list which combines two of my loves - Youtube and Cape Town. Check out who to follow if you are in the mood for a laugh, some shopping advice or social commentary.

1. Theodora Lee 

Subscriber Count: 200,000 ; 7.5 million Views

Theo is a real ray of sunshine on a rainy day. She sets out to empower girls with sisterly advice about everything from boys to harder hitting issues like sexual harassment and cheating.

This year, she moved in with her boyfriend, fellow Youtuber Andrew Tainton and often they make totes adorbs videos together.

Why not visit her website to see more of her lifestyle, advice and travel content.

Favourite Video? Meep so hard to choose. For something a little different, I loved their travel video from their Asian Adventure.

2. Georgie Goullee 
Subscriber Count: 2,800; 132,500 Views 

Georgie's tag line reads "I love telling stories. Would you like to hear one?" Yes. Yes I would. Georgie is a down to earth vlogger who posts about exploring this beautiful city of ours.  She did 14 days of "Daily Activism" - fun excursions to celebrate Cape Town in all its splendour include planting trees, visiting penguins and going to Newlands forest with her boyfriend Sacha.

Favourite Video? Kira Drops her Sausage 

3. Warren Haydon 
Subscriber Count: 10 000 ; 196 000 Views 
Warren is a "coffee fuelled" adventure junkie. When he isn't at uni, he makes videos - and very funny ones at that! A definite one to watch, his comic timing and frankness is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Favourite Video? South African Slang. 

4. Anton Taylor 
Subscriber Count: 8 500 ; 1.3 million Views 

Anton has some really winning claim to fames - namely being the Former Internation Man of Movember and the Co-Creator of the hilarballs Jozi Shore. He is refreshingly honest, anything but apathetic and loves creative writing. That and his weight loss journey is truly inspiring (note to self: stop eating KFC). I love that his social commentary isn't preachy or verbose - he just tells it like it is, with a humourous spin.
Favourite Video? Don't Be a D*ck at Daisies 

There you go! From me to you - my favourite Youtube bloggers in Cape Town.
Have an amazing four day week if you are in sunny South Africa!

xx Meg


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