Friday, December 18, 2015

Nails before Males // Belvedere Sorbet Gelish Mani Review

Being a huge fan of all things girly, it was always hard to justify going to get my nails done at the salon. I have had Gelish done on occasion for weddings and such but really the thought of getting trapped in a cycle of having to get it soaked off each time annoyed me. Anyway, out of convenience, I booked a Gelish with Angela at Sorbet Belvedere (Cape Town) which is just around the corner from my house. She honestly does it so much better than anyone else and it lasts between two and half and three weeks without chipping which is definitely a first! She is also super creative and makes great colour suggestions when you are overwhelmed. Best advice is to go on a Sunday when it is quieter and very relaxing. Also - if you (like me) hate the soak off idea, I think in Gelish's defence (testimony in the pictures below) - the fact that they are UV cured mean your nails actually grow - honestly can say that mine never seem to get past a certain length! I would strongly recommend this branch specifically - but love Sorbet in general. The telephone number for the Belvedere branch is as follows: 021 671 7631

In need of some Pinspiration for the holidays? I love these! 

Another amazing find this week was that of Hey Gorgeous - they are the most amazing online store. It seems like they are soon to open retail franchises too - sigh! To be able to do that would be a dream come true. I recently ordered the Sonic cleaning brush for my aunt and it arrived in no time. Will be sure to ask her for a review ;)
Here are some more of their fab products - can we just take a moment for the Turkish Delight Whipped Body Mousse?


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