Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review // EOS Lipbalm

New on SA shores is US import EOS lipbalm! It's available in South Africa at The Bikini Club, Beautyworx and Hashtag Awesome. [The Bikini Club features Rachel Roy four packs and a special edition Wildberry.]

The first one I got was the Pomegranate Raspberry. I ordered it off Hashtag Awesome and it arrived six days later so all and all I was pretty happy!
The other two are for friends I promise... 
On that note, they also stock Renova, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverley Hills, The Gentleman's Beard Oil and Too Faced. They are a new store who imports luxury brand and are definitely worth a squizz!

The second one I got was a gift from one of my besties - she bought it in Hong Kong. She bought me the Strawberry Sorbet one which to be honest I prefer to the Pomegranate Raspberry.

I was a little bit nervous that it was gimmicky / all about the cute packaging - but I have really loved mine. They are such gorgeous presents and are so nice for your handbag.

They are touted as being "95% organic and 100% natural". It also has vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil in it, so it really is good for your lips. Overall I am really happy with them, they are really beautifully scented and are a different and fun product to add to your make up case.


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