Friday, January 30, 2015

Feature Friday // Roxy Hutton of CityGirlSearching

Welcome to the second Feature Friday where I feature upcoming self starters, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs and game changers -  all looking to make a name for themselves and inspiring those around them at the same time.

The first Feature Friday showcased Anna Atkinson from Anna-Louise sleepwear

My second Feature Friday is the stunning Roxy Hutton over at CityGirlSearching.She is a twenty something year old South African photographer, blogger, stationery store owner and teacher currently living in South Korea.

I met Roxy when I was at Rhodes, and attended many of her intense spinning classes - is there anything she can't do? She is just the most bubbly, sweet person and is just too creative for words. 

1. Roxy and her pup Shadow
2. Rox and her hubby Dale - their farm wedding pics are just too beautiful. You just have to see them.
When/how did you decide to start your stationery store?
The stationery store has the most gorgeous, cutesy stuff on it. It will make you want to go to South Korea like yesterday. 
Roxy does a mean manicure! 

When/how did you decide to start your blog?

I started my first blog (FarmboyandCityGirlHitAsia) as a way to document my life in South Korea when I was first teaching English in 2010. When I moved back to South Africa in 2011 I felt like I needed more of a creative output, and I wanted to focus on more of the pretty things in life. And so CityGirlSearching was founded. I started reviewing places in and around Johannesburg, as well as doing makeup reviews and recipes and sharing more of the beauty I was inspired by in South Africa.

My love for stationery compounded when I first walked into one of the millions of unique stores here in Korea. On just about every corner you’re bound to find stores filled to the brim with pencils, notebooks, washi tape, letter sets, note cards and so much more. I knew that I needed to find a way to share what I had found here, and of course to try and get rid of the boxes of stationery I had already collected! And so my stationery store was born.

Your photography is incredible (check out Rox's portfolio here) – where did you learn to take such amazing pictures?

Thanks you for those kind words. I learnt all the basics from my husband who was the one to contribute all the travel photographs to our first blog. When he had had enough of photographing flowers and nail polishes I picked up the camera, armed with a lot of patience and set about trying to re-create pretty images I found online. Pretty soon I learnt enough to make and style my own photographs and have found a new passion too.

What does your typical work day entail?

I teach English to Middle School girls here in South Korea and so the majority of my day is spent teaching and lesson planning. Every morning my husband and I are up at the crack of dawn to walk our little rescue pup, Shadow. Then it’s a quick breakfast and then off to school. After work it’s out again with pup on a hike around our town before dinner.

What do you love doing on the weekend?

I often collaborate with my stylist friend, Storm, on styled shoots involved paid clients and friends. We set up Pinterest boards during the week and then head off in my car to scout out locations. I also work with Storm to host DIY days with here in Korea, as a way of bringing together like-minded people.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

This is a tough one.  I usually find advice the most helpful after I’ve learnt a hard lesson. As the only way to really learn something is to do it, do it wrong, and then learn what to do better next time. So I guess I would say the best advice I’ve ever heard was to never stop trying, and to never be afraid of putting yourself out there and making mistakes.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher (I don’t plan on teaching English here in Korea for the rest of my life) but I definitely want to head into teaching little ones when we get back to South Africa.

What inspires you?

God. Travel. Early Mornings. Exercise. My husband. Warm sunshine on a cold winters day.

You have traveled extensively – where is your favourite place?

This is a hard question! There have been definite highs to each and every place we’ve travelled to, and just as many low points (getting food poisoning and then the flu on an island hopping adventure in the beautiful tropical islands off the Philippines…missing our flights back from Vietnam and only realizing we had maxed out our credit cards when  we tried to book later flights…catching sand fleas in Malaysia and having scars and bruising for 6 months due to the most insane itchy bites on my legs) and yet I cannot contain my excitement at the thought of our next travel destination. You learn so much about yourself and your partner/friends when you travel, and it’s one thing that you will never, ever regret doing.

Your pooch is adorable! Can you tell us about him?

Thank you! We rescued what was then a little black and brown bundle of fluff from the middle of the road late one night. Here in South Korea dogs are often abandoned (there is very little population control down on street dogs) and a lot of dogs are kept in cages and bred for meat. Our little Shadow was destined for the soup pot and so there really was no two minds about keeping him once we laid eyes on him. He has since grown into a very mischievous and handsome boy, who loves the snow and most especially, loves dirty socks! We aren’t sure what he is exactly, we thought he was a Korean Jindo (a special, but common breed  of hunting dogs here in Korea) but he is looking and acting more and more like a husky everyday. So we are going with the term ‘Jinsky’…a bit of a Jindo/Husky/Pavement special. If you’d like to you can find more of him on Instagram using the hashtag #ShadowTheJindo.

Thank you so much Roxy for agreeing to be featured!

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Most importantly - don't forget to check out her blog and stationery store


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