Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blog // Favourite Bloggers of 2014

I absolutely love curling up with a cup of coffee and a good blog. 

Here are some of my absolute favourites... 

1. Superficial Girl 

Carlinn is a Cape Town based blogger who is an absolute poster child for all things fabulous. Her OOTD's are always so well put together and beautifully photographed by her boyfriend. Whenever I want to see what's new in Canal Walk (she shows off new ranges to perfection) I pop on over here. She mixes affordable fashion (think Mr Price and Cotton On) with more designer looks (Asos and Zara). She also has an awesome Youtube video - to hear her talk underscores her passion for blogging and the fact that she is genuinely a really sweet person! 

2. CitygirlSearching 

This is a long time favourite! Follow the beautiful Roxy and her lovely hubby Farmboy for really sweet stories about life in South Korea as well as the most beautiful of travel pictures. Roxy is about as stationary obsessed as I am and even has her own shop. She is a really inspirational person in a totally non-intimating way! What a sweetheart, truly. 

3. Indieberries

I feel like this needs no blog needs no introduction. A hilarious account of life in London by fellow Rhodent Ché. Her wedding cartoons are my absolutely favourite. Head on over there for hilarity and an absolute creativity burst. Recently relaunched and better than ever, you won't regret it (unless you waste hours laughing till your stomach hurts like I do). What a treat. 

4. The Angel Headed Hipster

Sarah recently made the very brave move to Lincoln, England to be with her long time boyfriend. She blogs about fashion, beauty and her adventures! I love keeping up with her life with her whimsical blog. She isn't afraid to be fun with fashion and has a really refreshing honesty in her writing. 

5. Boobs and Loubs

I am not sure you can call this a small blog, since Morgan Stewart is super famous courtesy of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. But her tone is really funny and it makes for a light hearted read so is definitely worth a look! Especially if you are a fan of E! Entertainment. 

What are your favourites? I'd love some more blogs on my reading list! 


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